Please tell us about the band… and the history of how you guys got together (again!), and where did the name come from?

When we were young lads in are teens we formed an original band called “HipdiRock” as time progressed we re branded as Spidereen”. We built a good following and played loads of gigs including supports for dodgy, boowohadinni, the selector and doctor and the medics. The band had a residency at the Fulham kings head in London fame for where Led Zep formed and rehearsed. It was our dream to be rock gods but never made it and split. The entire original member remained in and around the local music scene but after a listening to the old after many years we though it would be fun to reform the original line up.  “Rev” the original guitarist has left for London so we needed a new lad guitarist. Ian got the job who we knew was the right the minute we heard him play “a seriously the awesome guitarist”

For our readers, who may not have heard of you before, please describe your sound/style and influences.

Together we have an eclectic taste from Mozart to Motorhead.  We should mention Bowie, Newman, Zappa, Led Zep and Gary Moore. Take note we are still waiting to talk to the fans at Mix 96…

You’re supporting Terrorvision on 24 October, at the Watford Colosseum. How did this come about, and how much are you looking forward to it?

We have been approached by the organiser of the event Chris Sanders who heard our music and said he wanted us and so there you have it. Good music is always an attention grabber and we hope our time on stage will get the audience in a frenzy…wanting to hear more of us.  We are available to tour and imagine a diary packed next year with dates and venues. Terrovision are a also a great classic band with history and like us are making a comeback with original music which is what gives a great show and the fans what they want. 

What has been your favourite gig so far and why?

We have been busy locally in and around Aylesbury, the Queens Head has always been packed when we play and the crowd are great. In fact its great to be recognised again for being apart of the band…and seeing our tee-shirt being worn locally and a couple have already migrated to the USA…even the man in our local Chinese gets us a table now even after closing time once we finish our gigs. 

What has been the biggest success 48KЯASH have achieved so far?

Well, with 5 strong characters it’s a miracle we are all together at the same time in our lives…we seem to be getting fitter and more energetic. That must be down to the music as we are not going through any midlife crisis yet. Or are we?!. We just want to enjoy entertaining the fans and putting on a great show that won’t date…. Have you seen our hair and clothes from the 90’s - and we thought we looked good!

Have you got any singles or an album (or tour) coming out anytime soon?

We are planning a tour of world ….after getting some support acts with more established band. So who needs us! We have some dates to fill…otherwise we shall continue in the Garage! With the normal rules…home for our kids plays and stuff and not forgetting our mums birthdays... all rock n roll and we should be allowed to make some mistakes and learn from others we made the first and second times around….so Yes, we have enough decent material for a couple of albums. We are recording a documentary on our lives, gigs and music that will be amusing viewing for sure  ...so please be decent if you see the cameraman at the events…

Please tell us something exclusive and of interest about 48KЯASH, which is not common knowledge to your fans?

Well we are recording a secret documentary about the band, although maybe not so secret now! and the cameraman is often walking in front of us backwards and we have to pretend this is normal…we are looking to film our video with local points of interest that mean something to us and involve the fans. It would be great to play the opening of the new Theatre in Aylesbury and to be apart of Hobble in the Cobbles next year.

Write, and answer ONE question you have always wanted to be asked in an interview!......

So, with a triple platinum album already on your wall, what’s next?

Thanks to the fans we shall give them the show they deserve and play to the biggest audiences to date to say thank you for always supporting 48KЯASH. After that we shall write the next Bond Movie Theme tune.

Is there anything else you wish to add and share with the readers of The New Roxette?

We are offering a couple of VIP tickets to attend our next gig on the 24th October. This will include spending time with the band on the way to the show and backstage passes.  You may also feature in our movie…just send the answer to this question on our website www.myspace.com/48KRASH.  

Q: Name 2 previous bands featuring members of 48KЯASH.

Thanks for talking to The New Roxette guys and all the best.