Agent Buzz  

Hi, could you introduce the band to our readers? Who are you and what do you sound like?
We are Agent Buzz. A new band crashing into the local scene with a unique sound that’s getting us all over the area resulting from the music we play; a funky/jazz bass, strange melodic guitar lines, metal drums and vocals that range from spell binding melodies through to full on rapping. Making us one of the few 'different' sounding bands breaking through at the moment.

What are your plans for 2010?
The plans for the Buzz this year are hitting all new heights for the band, we have played many local gigs already this year, so now we are moving further a field after already playing in Camden at the Purple Turtle and getting a brilliant response from all that, also we have played shows at The Comedy Pub, Camden and The Gaff on Holloway Road. However this month sees us crashing into Sheffield at the legendary venue The Boardwalk on the 17th of July. After Sheffield we are planning to hit the recording studio to get a new record laid down before going on a long drive to Europe and play shows in Italy, Austria and even as far as Serbia before once again returning to the UK to finish off a busy schedule with back to back UK Dates and back to West Star Studios in Wycombe to work on more material. Keith the studio owner gives us all the freedom we need at the studios so we really can knuckle down and work on new material.

What is your most memorable moment so far?
I think the most memorable moment for the band so far is actually realizing that our dream is starting to come true. Yes we are all friends in the band and we do work very hard to make this work, but by a chance of fate we have been blessed with a good manager who seems to be pushing us in the right direction. We knew we had the talent to make it work before, however we struggled to be noticed. Now we have a good management team behind us, they are really starting to propel us into a bigger market of people and getting us shows further a field. The day they told us that we would be playing to crowds in Italy and Europe made me think to myself how we have only ever dreamed of this before, but now it’s really happening.

What music are you currently listening to?
To be honest we still listen to all our key elements of influences, this is far and wide from our Bassist listening to the Red Hot Chili Peppers, our Vocalist is more into Seether, Shinedown, Staind and I hate to admit it Vanilla Ice! Our Drummer is into Progressive and experimental music such as Isis, Opeth, Dream Theater/Mike Portnoy, Our Guitarist is always listening to Queen, Wham, The Beach Boys and pretty much anything to come from the late eighties. However our manager once again has widened our horizon on material by listening to bands from Scandinavia such as Waltari, Sonata Arctica and Evergrey. So it would be a real mix right now, however we do listen to a band called Open The Skies an awful lot.

Is there one song you wish you’d written?
What a question…There are many songs that we wished we had written that are absolute classics. However saying this if we did write the song we certainly wouldn’t be doing this right now, we would be living the good life in LA I’m sure instead of being in High Wycombe. That’s nothing against Wycombe as it’s our home but I’m sure with the money that a masterpiece brings in we may move to a place where it’s sunny twenty four seven. So the song we wish we wrote we have, and is called “Into The Woods” and you can find it on our up and coming CD, as we feel that song is as epically a masterpiece as others we have listened to, bringing all elements of our influences together and putting a twist on a record like nobody before us.

Agent Buzz are:

PJ Makerson – Vocals
Lee Dearman – Bass
Chris Plumb – Guitar
Oli White – Drums

Management – Life Burns Live