The New Roxette Rocks meets
‘Ordinary England Fan’ Keith Price

Hi Keith, so tell us about yourself, and why you've decided to write a football song?

“I played in bands myself between 1978 - 1989. My first band was called "Deli Deli & the Sweaty Turban Five", then we went on to become "Mortal Disguise", and then "Sleazy Adults"…!

I then gave up the band lifestyle in 1989 so I could concentrate on my songwriting...and I first had the idea of releasing a World Cup song during the last World Cup.”

The track is an adaptation of a popular ‘80’s track. Can you tell us about this?

“I used to play the original song "Jimmy Brown" in one of my bands, and always loved the track, so I set about writing new words for the England Football Team to fit the melody and marry the songs together.

The original track was a big hit in the '80's, for a band called Heavy Metal Kids which formed in 1974. The band featured singer Gary Holton, a spectacular front-man, and with his raucous cockney accent he proved himself a popular cult glam-rock icon of the age. Gary also recorded a solo single (which became a number one hit in Norway, a stunning punk-country version of Kenny Rogers’s "Ruby, Don’t Take Your Love To Town” with the Boys' keyboardist Casino Steel , with whom he would later write a song simply titled "Auf Wiedersehen Pet" about his experiences in the show. (*…Gary played the part of Wayne Winston Norris in the smash hit comedy drama Auf Wiedersehen Pet becoming a household name).

The track was also released by Michael Monroe, who is best known as the vocalist of Finnish glam metal/punk band Hanoi Rocks.”

Who wrote the original track? Naturally you’ve received permission to record this ‘new version’?

“Of course, I contacted the original composer and writer of the track, a Norwegian called Casino Steel, to ask his permission for us to adapt his song in this way. He's fully endorsed it, so we're ready to go… and I hope you enjoy it..!”

Tell us about your backing band…

“I've been good friends with Nick Maher (guitarist of popular local covers band Charlie Don't Surf), who has played in all my previous bands, and Jim Endersby (who plays bass in the same band) has played in several of my previous bands as well.

I then met the rest of the guys, Dennis Hall (drums), Mark Varney (vocals), and not forgetting Sue Archer and Jackie Green, the bands backing vocalists.

They had exactly the right sound I was looking for, and together we recorded this track at Rockhopper Studios in Buckingham. That was great fun indeed – if you’ve not been there I would recommend to every band to check them out!!!

We also recorded the video over there too, to support the single.

It's been great fun, and I hope the Country will get behind the England team and support them in the World Cup… Come on England!!!

"Ordinary England Fan"
Released: 11 June 2010 (3pm)
Wintersun Records

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”In my view the song just can’t be beaten as a 'footy song' it's got everything you would expect… catchy sing-along choruses, memorable lyrics and a song you just can't get outta your head!!!”

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