Lionsex bass player Davy Lyonz speaks exclusively to The New Roxette…

“My brother JJ and I began the band at the end of 2006, after JJ had written a load of tunes, and we wanted to put together the kind of band we always wanted; a great rock band with big tunes and a memorable show. We found Jef singing in a covers band and knew we’d found a gem. Tommy is a local legend who’s been wowing the Buckingham Bandjam with his awesome drumming for nine years... (since he was 11), and we basically head-hunted Jakk Valentine, the guitarist – he’s a talented lad - and as soon as we saw him we knew we needed him in LIONSEX... so that leads us onto the name... hahaha it’s a question we get asked a lot! The name came from a brainstorming session involving me and my brother (JJ) a couple of years back, and as soon as it was mentioned we knew that was the one. I think a good name is a vitally important starting point for any band, and though no one can say exactly what a “good” name is, I think it starts by being completely memorable. Like it or hate it, people remember LIONSEX!”

For our readers, who may not have heard of you before, please describe your sound/style and influences.

“We are a rock band with massive tunes, a huge live show and even bigger hair! In fact, we like to think we are a band that takes in all genres and ages of rock. We all love rock music and though people seem to enjoy pigeon-holing us as some kind of “glam” or “sleaze” band, it’s not the case. We are a rock band who take in all influences. We may not sound like Limp Bizkit, say, but their influence is there, or we may not be exactly the same as Def Leppard, but their tunes are just as important to us as any tune by, say, Poison or New York Dolls, bands that we also love. So, I dunno...I like to think you can genuinely list Gn’R, Pearl Jam, the Dolls, Incubus, Limp Bizkit, Korn, Def Leppard, Tigertailz, Poison, Prodigy, Lostprophets and Bullet for My Valentine as influences on our sound, though we don’t sound like any of ‘em particularly”.

What have you got coming up between now and Christmas…?

“We have been really busy… We have just recorded our album “GET IT” in Wales with up and coming young producer/guitar hero Matt Bond, who has worked on the last two ‘Bullet For My Valentine’ albums for Sony. With his hard work and help we have a 10-track album which is being considered by a couple of labels for release, which we are dead excited about. The first single will be released on our own label ROAR POWER, and we will be playing extensively to support this. We value our home base very highly indeed, the people around MK, Buckingham and Aylesbury have been truly awesome, and we are dead proud of where we come from... we never say London, we always say MK!!! So we will be making sure the local area gets alot of hot LIONSEX in the coming months”.

What has been your favourite gig so far and why?

“My favourite was probably our show at the Pitz, in MK, back in April playing with Spit Like This. The venue is our local, and a legendary place, so to finally tread the boards there was awesome. Also playing our first show at the Borderline for the sleaze night “The Dirt” was amazing and we are dead grateful to Perry the promoter for giving us the chance”.

What has been the biggest success Lionsex have achieved so far?

“I think selling around 400 copies of our “Demolicious” has been a real buzz, but really the biggest success is simply getting the support of our fans, many of whom are now good friends – it’s so cool they are into us and wanna come along and enjoy the ride. We always wanted to cheer people up with great tunes and an amazing live show and when that works... that is success, - even if there are two people watching lol… and we always talk to anyone afterwards cos we want people to know we really do appreciate their support, it means the world to us. Though that’s not to say our tunes are frivolous or shallow, we have our political and gritty sides too. Check out the album, you’ll see what I mean”.

Please tell us something exclusive and of interest about Lionsex, which is not common knowledge to your fans?

“Hahaha maybe that it only happened because me and JJ bought Guitar Hero II for Xmas in 2006 and played it so much we ended up concluding that, really, we ought to just start a band cos that would in fact be easier than completing Guitar Hero II on the highest level!!!! I mean I think the fact that LIONSEX started with me and JJ sat in our tiny one bed flat in Badgers in Buckingham, a PC and nothing but ideas and JJ’s songs is kinda interesting too!!!

Also, I think the fact our new album is being mixed by the guys who mixed Bullet For My Valentine and Trivum’s last album is an exciting and interesting fact”!!!

Is there anything else you wish to add and share with the readers of The New Roxette?

“Just that if you’re into rock, whether it be Whitesnake in 79, GnR in 89, Limp Bizkit in 99 or Bullet for my Valentine in 2009, then come check us out live, or go to our myspace and check our stuff, and maybe buy our album and get into the LIONSEXY mood. Most importantly though...KEEP ROCKIN’!!! We wanna see you at a LIONSEX show soon”!!!