The New Roxette Rocks out with...

The Original Sinners

Please introduce our readers to your band, tell us who you are, what you sound like, and what you’ve been up to over the past 6-12 months..?

We're The Original Sinners, a Total Rock and Roll band. We were originally together between 1987 and 1994, back then rock magazine Kerrang! once said of us "Remember there was a time when Iron Maiden or Thunder weren't famous either, there's a bright new star in the sky, wish on it". We were featured in session on Radio 1's Friday Rock show and did a 36 date UK tour supporting Paul DiAnno from Iron Maiden. Our 1992 debut album was called "Love or the Money", Kerrang! gave it 4 out of 5 stars, and we got similar reviews from Metal Hammer as well.

We re-formed in 2009 to do ‘one last show’ for old times sake and a fan suggested we entered Absolute Radio's One Last Dream competition, which we did and then won it. We went from a chat in a pub garden to releasing a single recorded in Abbey Road and Playing Hyde Park to 40, 000 people within 3 weeks.....

Dreams sometimes do come true, maybe it was just our time to wish on our own star...!

After the Hyde Park gig we played the Bulldog Bash in Warwick, same bill as the Quireboys, UFO and Motorhead, did our own show at the Nag’s which was sold out, were fortunate enough to play the Hobble on the Cobbles, which was amazing and means we can also say we’ve supported Kajagoogoo! We’ve played a strip joint, appropriately enough for us, and supported Zodiac Mindwarp.

So what are your plans for 2010?

We’re currently in pre-production for the next album, which we aim to have released by May, it’s going to be called ‘Unfinished Business’, a reflection on the fact we got back together and still have a hell of a point to prove! None of us ever lost faith in the band when we split in 1994, it was simply grunge killed off all the rock acts, we would never change what we did so there was no room left for us. We still won’t change, we’re still all about big guitar riffs, solos and massive drums and if people still want us, we’ll always still be here.

The competition we won is being entered into the Sony Radio awards, so with a bit of luck we'll get to play that too.

Later in the year we are supporting Limehouse Lizzy at the Wycombe Swan, headlining the famous 100 Club in London, and headlining an open air festival in Reading to 3500 people.

We’re so very much looking forward to playing the Aylesbury Civic Centre, it is a huge opportunity for us and we are delighted and honoured to have been asked to headline it. We’ve got a load of new songs so we’ll be airing those as well as the classics everyone knows and loves.

What is your most memorable band moment so far?

Ermmmm let me think, how about playing Hard Rock Calling in Hyde Park to 40,000 people!!!

Or was it perhaps Pete nearly getting killed by the 6'5" Marine husband of the girl who was interviewing us back stage that he decided to flirt with... (the girl not the Marine). Dan's vote goes for chatting about karting with Vicki Butler-Henderson whilst doing the radio shows…

How did it feel opening the Hard Rock Calling Festival (in London’s Hyde Park) last year in front of 40,000 people?

Hyde Park was just the most amazing show ever. We’ve all been gigging since we were 12 years old and none of us ever imagined doing anything so big. But the weird thing was, none of us were nervous, we felt we belonged there and just gave it our all. You don’t realize how big these things are, the top of the stage was 5 storeys high and the size of a football field. It was about 30 feet high and the distance even to the front row is huge, I chucked out a few pics and they got no where near the front row, Dave managed to get a few people with his sticks though! The roar from 40,000 people was deafening, but we still had our home crowd of about 100 people that made us feel even more welcome. Hanging out back stage was amazing, our dressing room was opposite Seasick Steve and next to the Magic Numbers, and we were chatting to them like old mates, and the Magic Numbers guys were moaning about how long it took the girls in the band to straighten their hair! Oddly enough they were playing the Pepsi Max stage, so on the tour T-shirt we were 5th from the top - below Neil Young, The Pretenders and Seasick with bands like the Fleet Foxes and Magic Numbers below us. The back stage hospitality was excellent, we had some great food and you know you’ve made it when you walk into your dressing room to find a fully stocked bar of beers and waters and then the artiste relations team pitch up with towels and a bottle of Jack Daniels! Added to that our single was released the following Monday and got to No.38 in the iTunes Rock Chart the week Jacko died, (and everyone started buying his tunes), without that I reckon we’d have easily made top 30!!!

Anything else you’d like to add guys?

We'd just like to really thank all our old and new fans for caring about us and coming to the shows, we're amazed at the reaction we're getting from everyone.

For us being back in the Sinners is a bit like getting your favourite toy back after 15 years, but we’re 15 years better players, we’re a much much better band than we’ve ever been.

The Original Sinners are “Back on the Rock” (…little clue to the next single there…)