THE Observers…

Paul McCloy formed The Observers (named after the block of flats Paul was living in at the time), in July 2007. The band played their first live performance at a jam night at the Queens Head at the end of July that year, with just 6 songs.

Since then "The Observers" have played many pubs in and around Aylesbury. “We may not be the most talented of musicians, but we have a great, fun night and so does the audience. I think that’s why we are so popular, along with the fact that we are a ‘cover’ band that plays classic rock songs that everybody knows”.

What has been the biggest gig/audience you have played at/to so far?
Probably ‘Hobble on the Cobbles’ last year, although we did play ‘Party on the Pitch’ in Bletchley MK where there were quite a few in attendance

What has been the biggest success The Observers has achieved so far?
Again, I think ‘Hobble’ last year; it was a great experience for all of us. We all felt a small sample of what a monster rock band must feel when they play open air gigs!

What is your main website address, so fans can sign up to your mailing lists, and find out where you’re playing next?

Our main webpage is on Facebook: called I love “The Observers". 

Please tell us something exclusive and of interest about the *band, which is not common knowledge to your fans?

We all ‘sh*t’ ourselves before a gig, at a new venue!!!

For our readers, who may not have heard of you before, please describe your sound/style and influences.

Any classic from 60s 70s 80s 90s 00s, the age group of the band is varied i.e. Paul 44, Martin 26, John 22, James 23.

Paul had a lot of influence to start with i.e. music from Chuck Berry, Eagles,  Clash, Pistols, Police, Stray Cats, Duran Duran, Guns n’ Roses, but this is a very democratic band so the lads with more up to date influences; include the likes of Oasis, Blur, Feeder, Snow Patrol, Fountains Of Wayne, so anything that’s guitar-based or keyboardy!    

Is there anything else you wish to add and share with the readers of The New Roxette?

To all the people that regularly attend an Observers gig, we thank you BIG TIME, - without you it wouldn't be any fun at all!!!