THE RED BULLETS pre-gig interview with The New Roxette in a flat somewhere in Aylesbury…

We first encountered The Red Bullets in June 2008 at the Kings Head in Aylesbury.  We had gone along on a Saturday evening to watch the band, with no previous knowledge of who was playing.  Well, what can we say we were absolutely blown away, Lee Vernon (Pearl Handled Revolver) was on harmonica that evening and the band just played like every gig mattered.  By the end of the evening we were out of our chairs and bopping along with everyone else. 

We have followed them ever since and are proud to witness their continuing evolution and we eagerly await the next chapter…  So to be able to interview them was part of this process.  

TNR:  You spent quite a few weeks gigging in France at the beginning of the year – how did that go?

It was amazing, the crowds really got behind us and there was a lot of crowd surfing going on. Every venue was packed and the merchandise went down really well.  We did plenty of ski-ing and drinking and it took a while getting over the two-month hangover! 

TNR:  Did the injuries sustained in France affect the gigs at all?

Wheeler managed to dislocate his shoulder but was able to carry on and we all came back in one piece.

TNR:  Do you think the “lost” keys will ever turn up?

Oh you had to mention that didn’t you! We reckon they weren’t really lost and that Mark hid them so that he had to go back to France once we got a new set of keys.

TNR: The Echo Sessions EP really captures your live sound, was that intentional?

The previous CD went down well and is still being bought, but it didn’t capture our live sound.  What we did was to go into the Studio and basically played for two days live and every track was done in just one take.

We are planning to get into the studio and do an album this year and we still want to get that live feel.

…(While playing back the interview another conversation could be heard in the background running along the lines of…  “Where did you buy this wine? It’s rubbish, undrinkable c***p, - What did you pay for it or were they giving it away as anti-freeze?”)…

TNR:  Is there anywhere in the UK that you haven’t played yet and what is the next market to crack?

Newcastle or up North.  Next area to crack is the North. 

Mark epically said “or the East” (lots of laughter followed!).

We have played Leicester.  (Editor: perhaps geography is not their strong point!)

TNR:  What are your current and future plans, gigs etc.

Big focus on festivals this summer including, The Aylesbury Festival, Hobble on the Cobbles, Hereford festival and one at Chipping Norton.

TNR:  What are your influences/inspirations?

Pete:  Bach and Elton John

Mark: Rock music, Kings of Leon, really anything that has a great beat.Wheeler:  Grunge, surf, classical, Led Zeppelin, Feeder.  A tune is a tune at the end of the day.

Kyle: As a 9 year old kid it was Hank Marvin, The Greatest Hits of the Shadows was my first LP.  Also like Queen, Brian May, Massive Attack – different influences and they change all the time.

TNR:  Is there one song that you wish you had written?

Kyle:  Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen

Wheeler: Rock ‘n Roll by Led Zeppelin

Mark: Immigrant Song by Led Zeppelin

Pete: That is a really difficult question, I’ll have to get back to you on that one…………. Later during the gig at The Bell in Aylesbury,  Pete announced that he had been interviewed and asked a stupid question by The New Roxette and the answer was the song they were about to play – “Tiny Dancer” by Elton John! Thanks for the plug!

TNR: A week later at a hometown gig, which was heaving with people dancing and singing along – one comment that was made to the New Roxette was that “…you could tell they had been in the Alps as they were so tight it was awesome!”.

Catch The Red Bullets live at: Aylesbury Festival (12 July 09), and Hobble on the Cobbles (23 August 09)