The Plastik Gangstaz

TNR: Please tell us about the group… a brief history of how you got together and where did the name come from? 

PG: We originally started as a sideline studio project when DJ Evizu and MC Moshino Blade used to write TV jingles.  Having the freedom to do and say what they wanted broke up the monotony of having to work to a brief.  The name was a passing comment made by a friend who heard some of the early material and it just seemed to fit perfectly with the direction we had in mind.

As it developed, the potential to produce a full-on live show became clearer, and with the introduction of the rest of the band: P-Sizzle (Drums), Blas’ Radius (Bass), The Pimp Renegade (Vocals), and MC MK-1, the project has expanded into what it is now.

TNR: For our readers, who may not have heard of you before, please describe your sound/style and influences.

PG: Most of the beats and samples could be associated with Classic Hip Hop or UK Dance music. There’s real instrumentation from strings and keyboards etc, and we’re definitely on the Dub tip when it comes to basslines.  The twist comes from the way this is all carried by Moshino’s lyrical story telling. To the point where many people choose to describe what we’re doing as an ‘Urban Opera’.

There's a continuity throughout the album where we tackle all kinds of issues that people go through growing up, and in everyday life.  The majority of what we talk about is based upon true fact, either experienced by us or observed through other people.  In short it’s the journey of ‘Eugene (Geekboy) Kowalski’ a down and out who suffered a painful school life.  As events unfold he eventually transforms himself into the ever-extrovert MC, ‘Moshino Blade’, and together with the rest of the Plastik Gangstaz, goes head to head with the formidable Hoodrat Crew…

To fill the gaps, you’d have to listen to the album or come see the show!

TNR: What have you got coming up between now and Christmas…?

PG: Since the summer we've mainly been rehearsing up new songs and building up the set.  It’s all in a really good place now so we're hoping to get ourselves involved in the university circuit.  We've worked hard to get the story across in the live format and think we can give people an even better full on show now.  Keep your eye on our twitter for details and bookings can be made through our myspace page.

Other than that, we're also due to go back into the studio to put the finishing touches on the album and maybe make a few tweeks to the mixes.

TNR: What has been your favourite gig so far and why?

PG: We’ve played at various venues including the Ministry Of Sound, Sahara Nights and The Custard Factory, but there’s something satisfying about playing to the home crowd. It all began in the Harrow in Aylesbury and we manage to raise the roof there each and every time! Surely you must be doing something right when a venue is at capacity and has a queue of people lining the streets outside looking through the windows as they can’t get in to see us!!

TNR: What has been the biggest success Plastik Gangstaz have achieved so far?

PG: Sticking to our (proverbial) guns! It might sound strange but we’ve chosen to take a complex route in order to try and stand out and be different.  That route has a habit of bringing a lot of creative dilemmas to the table, which can make things pretty difficult to keep a grip on sometimes.  Luckily though, we all see the common goal and are confident that we have something pretty unique that people are gonna get, and that success alone keeps us pushin' on with relatively few fall outs!!  We’ve also been recognised by the charity ‘Bullying UK’ as a positive influence to young people through our subject matter and lyrical content.

TNR: Please tell us something exclusive and of interest about Plastik Gangstaz, which is not common knowledge to your fans?

PG: The stage show is already in the making… we’re looking at a new direction for live shows which would mean playing in the Theatre environment as well as regular gigs in Pubs and Clubs…

TNR: Ask, & Answer ONE question you have always wanted to be asked in an interview...

Q: Does P-Sizzle really shave his Scrotum before every performance?

A: Yes!

TNR: Is there anything else you wish to add and share with the readers of The New Roxette?

PG: We are currently looking for a VJ to get involved with the project…if there’s anyone out there then message us through the website!

Thanks for talking to The New Roxette guys and all the best.